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Pineapple Soda is a mature rated fetish-oriented science fiction webcomic. This is Pineapple Soda's official tumblr blog. The characters here are offensive and lewd. These characters are fictional and in no way represent any real groups or persons. The opinions and views expressed by these characters in no way represent the views and opinions of the authors or those who write for the characters.

The characters on this blog may interact with one another and our followers. Some characters answer sooner and more often than other characters because the characters are written by different people on different schedules. Please be patient. If your ask has not been answered, it may be a result of one of the following reasons:

1. We haven't answered it yet.
2. We have answered it and it is in the queue.
3. We answered a question just like it.
4. The question was in bad taste / offensive.
5. It was redundant or the answer was obvious.
6. It was spam, hate or self-promotion.
7. It could only be answered with spoilers.

megadantekujo4 asked: hey Pumpkin. Are you looking forward to having a baby?

..STOP. Is this another rumoor the birds started?! Because if so, who did they tell yoo I knocked up??? Beeeecause I don’t ‘mate’. It’s gross. People are gross. BABIES ARE GROSS.

Anonymous asked: Hey, Pumpkin playing on having anymore kids anytime soon?~;3


..I don’t have any kids, what are yoo talking aboot? I AM a kid.


..Unless yoo mean Robby. In which case, no. I’m still trying too get rid of him..

// What have we been up to?//

A big event has just started in which the creators of Pineapple Soda are going to meet up and discuss the progress of the series and future chapters as well as Sagas, specials, and events. The meet up arrangement has been painstaking so far but will officially begin on May 10th and last through May 17th. During that time, we may not be able to respond to messages or post new artwork.

We’re struggling to keep up with messages in the mean time as well. But we promise there is so much around the corner! Full scale 3D models of Cardston and of every character are being produced to make the series easier and quicker to produce. Our team is hard at work training in the style and we’re about to release a new preview called Meet PB! As well as ALL NEW character settei sheets!