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Pineapple Soda is a mature rated fetish-oriented science fiction webcomic. This is Pineapple Soda's official tumblr blog. The characters here are offensive and lewd. These characters are fictional and in no way represent any real groups or persons. The opinions and views expressed by these characters in no way represent the views and opinions of the authors or those who write for the characters.

The characters on this blog may interact with one another and our followers. Some characters answer sooner and more often than other characters because the characters are written by different people on different schedules. Please be patient. If your ask has not been answered, it may be a result of one of the following reasons:

1. We haven't answered it yet.
2. We have answered it and it is in the queue.
3. We answered a question just like it.
4. The question was in bad taste / offensive.
5. It was redundant or the answer was obvious.
6. It was spam, hate or self-promotion.
7. It could only be answered with spoilers.

$eductress, $cientist, $alesman

Pearls, Pyrite and Soot prepare for another day as the interdimensional mob$ters. Full version available here!

These are three of the main characters of our quantum technobabble adult themed fetish scifi comic book: Pineapple Soda.

Baby birds, and baby fruits. Some of the main PS cast when they were each 5 years of age. (At different times, obviously!)

ladygermaine asked: Pearls- why is your son Markus called Hawk? Is it because he has a furrowed brow? (I said Pearls, Pyrite! P-E-A-R-L-S!)


Hawk…? Oh! Markus’s little nickname. Well, you know how children are. Markus and his friends all have nicknames for each other~ I’m not sure WHY ‘Hawk’ is his name…


I SINCERELY apologize when I answer for Manny but he was passed out drunk in the kitchen with a shotgun and I was NOT going in there to inform him he had messages about ‘you know who’.


And furthermore, if I were to answer this, I’d hazard a guess his moHAWK had something to do with it.